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Friday, 11 March 2011

Geoscience Interpretation Softwares

1. Schlumberger Software: Seismic Interpretation Software package in both Windows and Unix Platform. Interpreting seismic data & controlled source electromagnetic to microseismic and routinely integrate advanced analyses like inversion, AVO, and structural reconstruction.
A. GeoFrame Geophysics: Unix Platform
Charisma; CPS-3; Framework 3D; GeoViz; IESX Seismic Interpretation; InDepth;LPM; Seismic Attribute ToolKit; SEA 3D for GeoViz; SeisClass; Synthetics; WriteOn 
B. Petrel  - The best software for Geomodelling so far in the industry.  
While Petrel Seismic Interpretation is also good, includes Volume Rendering & Geobody Extraction; Petrel Seismic Attribute Analysis; Petrel Domain Conversion; Petrel Seismic Sampling; Petrel Synthetic Seismograms; Petrel Automated Structural Interpretation  

2.  Landmark Seismic Interpretation software; Unix based platform; Module: R5000 DecisionSpace® environment. OpenWorks®, SeisWorks®, Z-Map; DepthTeam Express; GeoProbe®, and AssetPlanner® applications.    

If you want a very large database support like controlling data of the whole western India then Landmark is the one which you are looking for. Again its always very complicated to use and usually follows very logical algorithm

Decision Space: Windows based version of LandmarkWith Landmark’s multi-user workspace and innovative seismic interpretation tools, your team can contribute to a common sealed 3D structural framework while they interpret, then create presentation-quality maps – in minutes

Accelerate traditional workflows
Traditional horizon and fault interpretation can be tedious and time-consuming. DecisionSpace® Geophysics​ software's does automated or semi-automated waveform tracking for you. Interactive map, section and cube displays accelerate fault picking and QC. And proven high-performance 3D Probe technology enables rapid animation and validation of ideas.

Leverage innovative new tools
Use the Vertical Images tool to display published cross sections and other images along any line of section with seismic data. Use the Geoshaper™ freehand drawing tool to interpret where there is no data, fill in lithology, and map out plays. With GIS integration, geo-reference images and view ESRI shape files in seismic context. Integrate prestack seismic into reservoir characterization workflows in the same workspace.

Build structural frameworks dynamically
Building a structural framework typically requires manually digitizing fault polygons and other time consuming tasks. Landmark's advanced topology engine and Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® workflow lets each team member contribute directly to a dynamic structural framework with properly sealed faults, unconformities, and horizons, as they interpret. As new data is added, updates cascade through the entire model.

Revolutionize mapping
Geophysicists spend as much as 80% of their time making maps. DecisionSpace® Geophysics software revolutionizes mapping workflows. It slashes interpretation cycle time by an order of magnitude while improving both accuracy and consistency. With the Dynamic Frameworks to Fill technology, structural and property mapping is only a button-click away from interpretation.

Integrate beyond seismic

Built on the OpenWorks® database, DecisionSpace software easily integrates data types and expands workflows across traditional domains. Interact with classic Landmark tools, enhancing your workflows with the power of GeoProbe® software, for example. Applications share seismic data in memory, interacting dynamically via undocked windows, cursor tracking, and drag and drop.​

3. Hampson-Russell  suite; It encompasses all aspects of seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, from AVO analysis and inversion to 4D and multicomponent interpretation.

Modules: eLOG, AVO Modeling, Reconnaissance and Uncertainity Analysis; Strata-Inversion(PostSTK- Model based, Sparse Spike, Colored, Recursive; PreSTK-Simultaneous, Elastic, Independent&Lamda mu rho); Emerge-Multi Attribute Analysis; ISMap-The Best Geostatistical Application in the industry
Patent in Inversion(PreStack/Post Stack) and AVO analysis/Inversion. Also its Geostatistical application is awesome.

4. Kingdom by IHS -  Probably the best seismic interpretation software in the industry in terms of technical ability, database, flexibility and friendly nature. Kingdom now uses SQL express which has has database size of 10 gb and SQL server has infinity database size. Webmap service is the best service among any geophysical software. 

Integrated Seismic & Well Data Interpretation;  It runs on Windows platform almost on all the version.  

Kingdom Interpretation Suite :Kingdom Advance(2d\3d)PAK; EarthPAK; VuPAK; 2D Modeling-ModPAK; Geomodeling - Synthetics - SynPAK; Velocity Modeling - VelPAK Analysis; Attributes - RSA; Gathers-AVOPAK; Inversion-Colored Inversion; Data Transfer Connectors- Tunnel L(to connect through OpenSpirit); Data Management(Data Management & QC after importing data from different formats to kingdom)

New Features: Microsismic interpretation; Colored inversion

Easy to use import data and export data with detailed interpretation like attribute analysis;

5. GeoGraphix by LMKR - Software products for interpretation, data analysis and communication across geoscience and engineering workflows. 
Modules: R5000 Discovery 3D software; TracPlanner Xpress™; Seisvision; GeoAtlas; Coordinate Manager; Prizm; Xsection; smartSECTION®; Scan; Pstax; LeaseMap; 

New Features: R5000 Discovery 3D Visualization; Webstreaming GIS map; Geo-steering, geomodeling while drilling.

6. SeisWare - A well known Canadian Seismic Comprehensive 2D/3D seismic interpretation on the Windows platform developed by Calgary software developers.

Modules Include 
Velocity Modeling – Time/Depth Conversion;  2D Interpretation; Well Planning and Microseismic; Mapping; Quick Grid and Contour; Visualization;   Volume Attributes; Log Editing; Cross Section/Modeling 

7. Paradigm Geophysical - 
Seismic Interpretation & Modeling- SeisEarth®, VoxelGeo®, StratEarth®, Automatic Fault Extraction; SKUA®/GOCAD® Interpretation Modeling
Reservoir Characterization-SKUA®/GOCAD® Reservoir Modeling
Seismic Reservoir Characterization-Probe®,Vanguard®,Stratimagic®
Formation Evaluation-Geolog® 

8. OpendTect - An open source seismic interpretation environment for processing, visualizing and interpreting multi-volume seismic data. 

9. Petrosys -  Provides the best mapping suite in the industry. Any company which uses a interpretation software like Kingdom Petrel uses petrosys for its ability to handle any data and flexible database with multiple projection system. Its Mapping tool is the best in the industry. It colors are very vibrant and with contour fill color is just amazing. Handling grid algorithm at any mathematical level is just superb. Velocity modeling handling works perfect. Map Geo-referencing and digitizing works excellent. 

Mapping 2D/3D data(Time/Depth/Velocity; Velocity Modeling(Vav, Vint, Vstk, Vrms); 3D visualization, surface modelling, and volumetrics combination for integrating data from the wide range of applications used in petroleum exploration and production; Direct Connectivity & Data Management; Petrosys Compatibility.   

10. DUG Software:  Well log visualisation and manipulation, format conversion, Gassmann fluid substitution and deterministic AVO modelling; 2D/3D seismic interpretation tool enhanced for rock physics guided stratigraphic interpretation, visualisation and synthetics; Complete forward modelling toolkit incorporating DUG Rock for depth dependent end-member lithology trend interpretation; DUG Distill for stochastic AVO and rock property forward modelling; DUG Well for deterministic AVO modelling of well logs; and DUG Insight for 3D synthetic modelling while interpreting.Modules: DUG Wel; lDUG Insight; DUG Mod+.

11. Pangea Interpretation and Processing Compact Module:
Multi-D Interpretation System ;  Certainty; ReView (areal and profile data interpretation)PetroExpert:  Prospect (Processing);
Just been used by one of the PSU in India. But havn't a good review. Hope Russians make something ever which is easy to understand



  1. our company are going to buy Kingdom Interpretation Suite, now. But i don't know many manufacturer/suppliers. someone can show me trustworthy Manufacturer or suppliers ? how thankful i am when helping me!

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  3. Kingdom is much better in windows platform. But the sales contact depends on which country you are buying the software. I do have contacts in India and middle east. Let me know if you need any contacts either in India or in Dubai. But if you visit IHS website and their regional sales shall contact you.............

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